Product Line
Product Line
-Universal Sorbents
-Oil Specific Sorbents
-Supersorb Sorbents
-Maintenance Sorbents
-Maintenance Fabric
-Epoxy Repair Products
-Neutralizing Sorbents
-Floor Absorbents
-Vermiculite Products
-Spill Kits
XORB Universal Sorbent Table
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This summary is meant to provide you with a brief description of the types of available sorbent products.  Please consult with your federal, state, and local regulation codes for further details on the best type and format to use.

  • designed to pick up all spills including aggresive chemicals with the exception of hydrofluoric acid 
  • perfect for use on all other liquids including all other acids
  • disposal options include neutralization, landfill, incineration, chemical fixation, and recovery of sorbed liquids 
  • made of meltblown polypropylene fibers and will sorb up to 20 times their weight in liquids which float on water
  • designed to pick up oils, solvents, gasoline, hydraulic fluids, as well as vegetable oil 
  • inherently hydrophobic and will repel water indefinitely 
  • specially treated polypropylene fibers that will pick up both aggressive and non-aggressive liquids including hydrofluoric acid
  • use to contain and sorb liquid in a variety of applications including, manufacturing, processing, chemical storage, and transportation
  • suitable for use in clean room and various medical applications
  • recycled cellulose fiber used to pick up routine non-aggressive spills such as oils, lubricants, water, and other liquids commonly found in manufacuring, maintenance, and warehousing areas  
  • cellulose absorbents can be incinerated 
  • Non-crude oil based
  • Renewable sources made from wood pulp
  • Decomposes faster than polypropylene 
  • shoddy mats made for durability and non-aggressive chemicals 
  • made of tough, durable, needle-punched polypropylene fibers and will sorb oil as well as aqueous liquids 
  • this fabric works well on lubricants, cutting oils, hydraulic fluids and solvents
  • can be cut to size and shape and eliminates the messing tracking, sweeping and shoveling associated with clay
  • perfect for industrial areas subject to heavy foot and machinery traffic
  • fast temporary or permanent repair of numerous industrial and  household items
  • conveniently packaged and easy to use
  • cures rapidly and can then be further shaped or painted
  • bulk packaged sorbent particles which will neutralize most acids or caustics 
  • color indicator shows when neutralization is complete
  • two formulations are available
  • non-selective floor absorbent is used around machinery and other floor areas to soak up drips, leaks, and spills of non-aggressive liquids 
  • picks up more than clay type products and, unlike clay, can be incinerated or fuel blended for disposal
  • perfect for use on oils, hydraulic fluid, fuels, water and other liquids found in manufacturing, maintenance and warehousing areas

Vermiculite Absorbents

  • Perfect for use on non-aggressive liquids 
  • Works faster than traditional "sit and soak" clays
  • Picks up a large variety of liquids (including most chemicals) 
  • Clean to handle, ordorless, non-irritant, and rot-proof
  • Ideal for oil spill clean up
  • offer a quick efficient way to repsond to those inevitable spills around your workplace
  • designed for "oil only" applications or for any liquid spill situation
  • can be packaged in a variety of pails, drums, and carts
  • custom built for specific customer needs